Its not often I refer to anyone as stupid. When people are overtly mean I might say they are stupid but prudely enough stupid is a bad word in our house. So much so that if I were to say stupid in front of my 3 year old she would gasp in horror and tell me that is not nice. If I said a real “bad” word she wouldn’t even flinch, because stupid is  worse, its an insult and we don’t  insult people. Unless they are this this stupid.

I have changed the household rules and am now calling everyone who is a part of this  save Jeremy Meeks ridiculousness …..stupid. Is the picture if this guy hot, 1000% yes. Does it deserve anything more than a glance, ok maybe a couple glances but really? Please stop.  American strait women and gay men, you are embarrassing the rest of us that aren’t idiots with your save #jeremymeeks nonsense. Are you kidding me!? There is now a Gofundme page for this convicted felon who has already spent 9 years in prison. WHAT!? Because of the way he looks? We are a shallow, sad and stupid people…where is the Gofundme page for the other three guys involved in whatever he was involved in? They didn’t make the cut and aren’t worthy of getting help because they aren’t handsome enough? Better yet, why don’t we go support someones cause that has some substance…oh yeah because that will not give me a lady boner and that’s what is most important. I want to throw up on the turds who are perpetuating this stupidness. He is hot….move on. Stop making this in to some huge thing. We wonder why our daughters want a bad boy, thank you very much media and dumb people. Stop it.